I seem to have lost my words during this time
As I watch my friend going through so much pain
I want to run by their side
Let them know that it will get better
But how do you make a promise for a future
That looks so dark and bleak?
Their heart crushed into a thousand pieces
Head hanging so low
Body feeling trodden and downcast
I carry your pain.
How can I elevate your spirit?
This is pain that is so hard to sing to
Hard to talk through
I watch you walk through the fire
Almost helpless ,as this is the only way out
I promise to stand by your side
To laugh with you when ready
To watch the sun and feel the rays on our faces once again
With its promise of a brighter day
I will hold your hand
We shall overcome Day by day
Together, we rise.


He lay me down easy

Now I see it

Threw tantrums on deaf ears

Poured my heart out to a cold heart

Was too hurt to see it

Even after the promises

Whispered between us

As we ruffled up the sheets

Laid our skin bare to each other.

Was too hurt to see it

The things that made me laugh

Stopped being funny

We lost the beat between us

His thoughts slowly faded away

His touch that sent chills down my spine

No longer yearned

Was too hurt to see it

Looked me straight in the eye

Pierced straight to my heart

He will always have my back

I chuckle

Was too hurt to see it

He saw my weaknesses

Slowly fit himself within the crevices

Made me believe that just maybe

Sigh !! I fumbled with words

Struggled to piece everything back together

Been down this path before

Was too hurt to see it.


Beautiful human

Oi !,  this creation on earth

Lie while they look at you ,straight up into your face

How they believe they know it all

Massage your ego, while they stab you in the back

Sing praises to you,

Of all the beautiful deeds, you have lavished this world with

While they trash your name behind the scenes

I have seen and heard

Ooh! this human whom I wonder where to place

You are such a beautiful creature

Yet so rotten inside

It is the truth; we have just refused to accept

I see you for who you are

My mantra;

Whatever makes you happy

Whatever helps you sleep at night


Don’t fight me with your personal demons

Don’t judge me with your own truth

Carry your own cross

Harsh words seethe out of your mouth

Darkness oozes out of your heart

Corrupted thoughts out of your mind

The world sees your fears

The world sees your insecurities

The world sees your evil

Hiding behind your big family names

Hiding behind your achievements

Hiding behind material wealth

At the end, we all end up six feet under

The same that you despise, shall wash your cold body

Dress it up with all that money can buy

Yes, they will whisper in the darkness about how horrible you were

You curse your own offspring

Generations to come fight to uphold your name

Try to clear your name in the books of history

The stain too hard to wash away

It was all in your control

Think before you leap

Watch the words that come out of your mouth

Little Dove

Little dove

You have left me too soon

We had just made plans

Do you remember??

I have been looking for you earnestly

I try to find you in the many faces staring at me

The voices in the wind  

Why little dove?

They say nasty things about you

They have now become the authors of your life

They forget they know nothing

They pen down your sins

Like an executioner who only sees the last breath

All hogwash

Their voices above everyone else in the room

All hogwash

Little dove

Watch over me

Help me contain their words

They break me into little pieces

It’s like walking on top of shattered glass.

They mention your name

I start panting

My heart aches

Rest easy little dove

I will hold onto the beautiful memories

I will keep your name safe

Close to my heart

Little dove

Watch over the keep

Fly over the horizon

Let my tears slip down

As water does on the wings of the bird

In the summer rain

Ease the pain within

Fly little dove

Watch over me


As I lay down my head to sleep

I will think of you

I will think of us

The unsaid promises

The unseen gestures between us

The unexpected desires

Ungodly thoughts that have crossed my mind

I chuckle

This is our world


I know what you want to hear

But my heart will not let me

Crushed and dumped down the drain

The feeling is not good at all

I have cried myself out

Asked myself why

Answers unable to find.

I see you radiate before my eyes

I feel the warmth of your heart

The honey in your words

All I ask,is that you give me time

Promises I cannot give

My timing feels like an eon

All I ask is you accept what I give

I know I’m not perfect

I know you want more

All I need you to do

Is love me for who I am.


Can’t control the tears

My heart is racing

I need to let go

The world is spinning all around me

I cannot breathe

Can’t get a hold of anything

The walls are slowly crushing in

Just like the sand in the desert

So does the world escape me in between my fingers


Love me like you have never loved before,

Hold me and don’t let go

Let me shine under your wing

Be that light that sparkles around you

They watch me with envy

Wish to be me

You have showered me with your love

Handled me like the gem that I am

Share a language

That only we understand

I get warm inside just thinking about you

Chuckles fill me up

As I wink at you within the crowd

I blush

I heat up

I hold my head up high

You never break that gaze you have upon me

You know I’m yours

You claim it

I know you always got me

No matter what

I’m yours